2017 City of Culture

2017 City of Culture


Last year The Parks joined in with Hull's biggest year! We took part in all kinds of exciting events including carnivals, festivals, drama (with NAPA and The FruitSpace Theatre)

Pupils learned about Heroes From Hull. Each class was named in honour of a hero.

Here's who we chose


FSU Jean Bishop

Jean Bishop is affectionately known as 'The Bee Lady' has worked tirelessly fundraising for the last 17 years, often spotted in her distinctive bee costume she has raised over £110, 000 for Age UK. She shot to national fame when her fundraising was recognised with a Pride of Britain award in 2013 and she participated in the Olympic Torch tour in 2012.


Y1 Amy Johnson


Amy Johnson was a pioneering English aviator and was the first female pilot to fly alone from Britain to Australia. Flying solo or with her husband, she set numerous long-distance records during the 1930s. She flew in the Second World War as a part of the Air Transport Auxilixary.


Y1/2 Christopher Pickering

Christopher Pickering was born in Hull and was a son to a tailor. He began his career working in the fishing industry and went on to become one of the most successful fishing merchants in Hull. Throughout his life he gave back to the community he loved so much, including the beautiful Pickering Park which is enjoyed as a place to play by many children in Hull.  







Y2 Tommy Coyle

Tommy Coyle is a professional boxer from Hull with the nickname 'Boom Boom' he is a former Silver weight International Champion. As the son of a market trader and a working class family Tommy learnt that the only way to succeed in life was through hard work and perseverance. He has two boxing academies in Hull part of their work includes keeping youngsters off the streets and encouraging them to channel their energy in a positive way whilst learning about discipline, hard work and determination.

Y3 Lillian Bilocca


Lillian Bilocca was born in the heart of Hull's Hessle Road fishing community. Her father, husband and son were all earned their living at sea. Following the triple trawler tragedy of February 1968 when the trawlers were lost along with 53 men, Lillian became a local folk hero and known the country over. Her battle to improve safety on trawlers resulted in her meeting with Prime Minister Harold Wilson at No. 10 Downing Street. Her campaigning, with the massive support of the families of Hessle road (and other fishing communities) brought about changes that must have saved the lives of untold numbers of British fishermen.




Y3/4 William Wilberforce


William Wilberforce was born on 24 August 1759 in Hull, the son of a wealthy merchant.  Wilberforce became member of parliament for Hull, later representing Yorkshire. He disagreed with the slave trade and the way in which slaves were treated. He worked tirelessly to pass an act of Parliament that would abolish the slave trade. In 1807, the slave trade was finally abolished, but this did not free those who were already slaves. It was not until 1833 that an act was passed giving freedom to all slaves in the British empire.





Y4 Winifred Holtby

Winifred Holtby was born in East Yorkshire and was educated at home, during the First World War she stayed in France and upon her return to England she began writing articles for newspapers, this is when she became a well known writer and campaigner for Women's Rights. She wrote weekly colums for several newspapers throughout her life as well as writing novels and short stories Upon her death she had written 14 books.


 Y5 Clive Sullivan

 Clive A. Sullivan MBE was a Welsh rugby league player. A Great Britain and Wales international winger, he played with both Hull and Hull Kingston Rovers in his career, and also for Oldham and Doncaster. Captaining Great Britain in 1972, he was the first black captain of any British national sporting side. He was part of the Great Britain team which won the 1972 Rugby League World Cup.

  Y6 John Buttrick

Teaching in Hull John Buttrick has had a massively positive impact on so many children, not just through his role as an educator but also as the founder of the Children's University. Hull Children's University gives many children from the city opportunities that they may have not had. They work with schools to create fantastic experiences for children from trips to London, to digital art competitions and to outreach in the community suppporting others. The Children's University helps children to develop the skills to become successful.