Anti-Bullying October 2016

We held our Anti-Bullying Week starting  on the 10th October. A massive thank you to all the parents who came in to join us with our launch assembly, the parents/carers workshop and the showcase assembly on Friday.

The Parks Academy does not accept or tolerate bullying and we are committed to supporting our pupils to tackle this issue.

On Friday the whole academy had a blue day. Pupils and staff dressed in as much blue as they could and made a donation to the Anti-Bullying Alliance. We rasied £100.86. Well done.


Here are some of the things each class did during Anti Bullying Week in October

FS1 Bishop have talked about Green Behaviour and what makes a good friend. They have also look at different emotions.

F2 Bishop have enjoyed working together to bake bread just like the Little Red Hen. They have also talked about what makes a good friend!

Year 1 Johnson have enjoyed discussing how their behaviour can affect others. They talked lots about different scenarios thinking about 'How would my friend feel if....'  We also made friendship cards!

Year 1/2 Pickering have discussed what bullying is and have loved creating their posters.

Y2 Coyle have looked at what is and is not bullying and they have enjoyed creating different shape poems about emotions.


Year 3 Bilocca have been discussing what bullying is and they have talked about different types of bullying. They have created posters showing all of this lovely learning.

Year 3/4  Wilberforce have been using affective statements to tell each other how they feel. They have talked lots about what is bullying and what is conflict.

Year 4 Holtby have worked learning about what bullying actually is, they have talked about situations at school and how best to handle them. They have thoroughly enjoyed creating their anti-bullying posters.


Year 5 Sullivan have enjoyed engaging in discussions about Cyber Bullying this week. They've also loved designing their posters.

Year 6 Buttrick have found it interesting to talk about different types of bullying. They have also discussed  the questions 'Is it good to be different?'  the resounding answer has been 'Yes!'


Useful links for parents/carers This has been our inspiration for this year's Anti-Bullying Week  One in five young people have experienced bullying by text message or via email. This web site gives advice for children and parents on bullying Advice for parents and young people about bullying. This website is presented to help you, ADULTS and CHILDREN alike, with any form of on-line or technology-driven antisocial behaviour.

Below is a useful document for parents which talks about the Prevent strategy.