Pupils with Responsibilities



The Head Boy and Head Girl welcome you to The Parks Academy. These are Y6 pupils who are excellent role models for the other pupils in the school. They always show green behaviour and can be trusted to carry out duties to help the academy run smoothly. Sometimes they are called upon for special duties. These include presenting certificates at assemblies, speaking at our church services or giving guests a tour of the school.




The Deputies work hard to support the Heads, and often step in if they are not available. They too are good role models for younger pupils and are often asked to perform special duties too. They are also trusted pupils.






Prefects support teachers and supervisors with the day to day running of the academy. For example, they help pupils to line up sensibly and to sit in the correct places at assembly time. They help at lunch with jobs such as making sure pupils have water at their tables. Prefects are role models and are trusted pupil leaders in the academy.





If you happen to be passing through our school and notice some children with the badge ‘Play Leader’ smartly on their school jumper, make sure you take the time to ask them about their role.

We have enlisted the help of these shining stars to ensure our playtimes and dinners are the best social and physical experiences possible for our children.

Play leaders will be responsible for the following things:

- taking equipment out at beginning of lunch.

- monitoring equipment and reporting losses/damage.

- monitoring treatment of equipment.

- monitoring popularity of equipment.

- modelling games/activities all children can play safely.

- collecting equipment in at the end of lunch.

- being a friend to anybody who needs one

- helping to resolve issues between pupils, using some restorative practice techniques