BBC Junior Reporters


From the archive - but one of our favourites

Tuesday 7th July
The Parks Junior Reporters visited the BBC studios in Hull. They had an amazing time as they interviewed presenters such as Carl Wheatley and Peter Levy. They found out about the different jobs there are at the BBC. Pupils were enthused and inspired. It was a fitting reward for six months as the popular Junior Reporters, who feature every Thursday on BBC Radio Humberside's breakfast show.

Just before Christmas 2014 we were fortunate enough to be invited to take part in a show BBC Radio Humberside were doing called Christmas with the Kids. It was an hour long special aired on Boxing Day. The reporter James Piekos, was so impressed with how well our pupils did he began organising a weekly item to be aired every week.
The first in a series of Junior Reporters programmes was recorded on Tuesday 23rd February and was aired on their Breakfast show on Thursday.  It was hugely successful. Our pupils were simply outstanding. The whole of East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire heard how intelligent, mature, responsible and proud we are.
We received an e-mail from Mark Jones, City Regeneration and Policy Manager at Hull City Council, who'd listened on his way to work. It read,

Dear Parks Academy,

I had the privilege of listening to your young reporters this morning on Radio Humberside. This was one of the best programmes that I have listened to in a long time and made be both smile and be very proud.  The young people came across so well, hugely confident and the pride in their school simply shone through the entire programme. With young residents such as these, Hull has a great future and I look forward to hearing more of their work in the future.

With best wishes

Mark Jones
City Regeneration and Policy Manager
Hull City Council