Stars of the week

29th September 2017

Each week we have two very special assemblies where we congratulate our stars of the week. We split our assemblies two ways; FSU and KS1, and KS2.

This week was extra special because it included some pupils who had achieved some very special awards. These couldn't make it to our termly Leading Learners assembly.

We had some VIP certificates. These are awarded to pupils who achieved 100% for the whole of last year. They will have a VIP week before half term! Special treatment! This will include no queueing for lunch, and being able to go to the points shop anytime during thier private opening!

Also we had some Leading Learners for the summer term! These have a yellow star. Some have exchanged their stars for 1 year, 2 year and now 3 year stars!

This week's stars of the week included a much improved attitude to learning, helping to tidy up and being a role model for others!