Academy Advisory Board Contact Information

Our Academy Advisory Board is made up by a number of professionals, parents and members from our local community.

The Parks Academy Advisory Board members:

Observers (invited as required)

Full NameCommittee MembershipAppointed by Date of Appointment TermDeclared Business and/or Pecuniary InterestAttendance at Meetings in last academic year (2020/21)Other AABs/
Governors / educational institutions
Fiona ArnottAAB (Chair), Finance and Resources (Chair)Delta appointed 01/12/2013 and re-appointed (from 1/12/17) for a further term of 2 years2 yearsHull City Council employee (Connexions) Trustee of Cecil William Rutherford Trust4 of 4 AAB 3 of 3 Finance and ResourcesNoneChair

Trudi Bartle             AAB Finance and ResourcesDelta appointed 07/09/172 yearsEmployee of Delta Academies Trust (Senior Executive Principal)  2 of 4 AAB 0 of 3 Finance and ResourcesGovernor at Parkstone Primary AAB Member at several AABs across Delta Academies Trust
Samantha BowersAAB, Finance and ResourcesParent Representative 9/05/192 yearsNone1 of 4 AAB 1 of 3 Finance and ResourcesNoneFinance,
and Value for
Money (VFM)
Aysha CarlinAABDelta appointed 27/02/192 yearsEmployee of Delta Academies Trust2 of 4 AAB  NoneStandards
David IrvingAAB, Finance and ResourcesAssociate Executive Principal Delta appointedEx-officioEmployee of Delta Academies Trust (Associate Executive Principal)4 of 4 AAB 2 of 3 Finance and ResourcesAAB Member at AAB Member at the Parks, Estcourt, Mersey and England Lane AcademiesBehaviour and attendance
Caroline LowAABDelta appointed2 yearsEmployed at the University of Lincoln1 of 1 AAB possible since appointment  Governor at Oakfield Special SchoolHealth, Safety and site
Mike McGrathAAB, Finance and ResourcesHead of Academy 14/01/20Ex-officioEmployee of Delta Academies Trust Wife is an employee of Delta Academies Trust4 of 4 AAB possible 3 of 3 Finance and ResourcesAAB Member at The Parks, Craven and Estcourt Academies
Laura WelbourneAAB,Delta appointed 21/12/18 to 20/12/202 yearsEmployee of Delta Academies Trust3 of 4 AAB  NoneSEND
Disadvantaged pupils
Ben WelhamAAB, Finance and ResourcesParent Representative 12/12/192 yearsAunt is employed at the academy4 of 4 AAB 2 of 3 Finance and ResourcesNoneCommunity Engagement

How to contact

Miss Fiona Arnott, Chair

c/o The Parks Academy

Courtway Road



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