Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular Visits

Click on the links below to find out more about some of exciting trips and visits we go on.

London Trip

Robinwood Outdoor Adventure Centre




Stay and Read- Mrs Lydon

Stay and Read- Mr McGrath

Y6 SATs Cafe- Miss Prout

Y6 SATs Cafe- Miss Fisk


Craft Club (KS1)- Miss Howell



Craft Club (KS2)- Miss Howell

Y6 SATs Cafe- Mrs Adamson

Y6 SATs Cafe- Miss Rebera

Y6 SATs Cafe- Mr McGrath

Football Club (Y3/4)- Coaches




Film Club-Mr McGrath

Art Club (KS1)- Mrs Owen-Green

Enterprise Club (KS2)- Mrs Hutchinson

Recorder Club (KS2)- Miss Gibson

Y6 SATs Cafe- Mrs Bennett

Y6 SATs Cafe- Mr Irving

Y6 SATs Cafe- Mrs Freeman

Sporting Events

Coming soon  

North Hull Sports Network

The Parks Academy is part of the North Hull Sports Network. The Network's website is designed to give children and parents information about sports activity taking place within North Hull primary schools. This website also provides information about extra-curricular and school holiday sports activities. The North Hull Sports Network (NHSN) is a not-for-profit organisation ran by the schools for the schools, children and their families.