Robinwood Outdoor Adventure Centre

We have a fantastic time at Robinwood! (Y6 go every year) In addition to having a lot of fun, we also develop some of our milestone skills too!


Children worked on their concentration skills in Archery. They also needed a good aim. They empathised with each other and offered support without being asked. 

Giant swing/ Zip line and Trapeze

The children showed amazing bravery in these activities. They remained positive even in the most challenging circumstances and they were rallying each other when needed. 

Nightline/ Challenge course

The children have to work together as a team to complete these activities. They all embraced both leadership and team roles and they gained the commitment and respect from their team members. 


The children showed amazing teamwork in this activity. They needed to work as a team in order to steer the canoe. They were always asking for and listening carefully to expert advice. 

Crate challenge

For this activity children had to communicate well with each other. They gave each other great advice and support.