Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Teaching and learning is the key to the success of children at The Parks Primary Academy. We aim to provide the children with an inclusive environment where everybody feels valued and through opportunities and experiences we ignite curiosity, creativity and imagination.

The Parks Primary Academy begins its learning journey in the Foundation Stage with a unique programme tailored to each child. In our Early Years Foundation Stage, children learn and develop in a stimulating environment where our staff respond to the children’s individual needs. We encourage children to be independent in their learning and access the resources they need to extend their interests further. Staff support the children to explore their environment, problem solve independently and think critically and creatively. We help develop their confidence to try new things and share ideas.

Throughout Years 1 to 6, teaching and learning is focused around the National Curriculum. Teachers work together to create interesting topics, which use a wide range of resources to motivate and engage the children. The topics are used to teach basic skills within a context and are linked across all the subjects. These topics are taught on a rolling basis and are carefully integrated to ensure there is a relationship within each subject.  Teachers’ plan together sharing ideas, knowledge, interest and enthusiasm to ensure an exciting curriculum which is continually planned for progression. The curriculum means that children are encouraged to think creatively, take responsibility for their learning and enhance their understanding through questioning. They are then able to assess their own and each other’s learning, which creates a deeper understanding.